Get ready for a brand new launch on the latest smart content locking technology that makes your content go viral and build your list on autopilot.

Launching on 10th March 2018 at 10.00 am EST.

Make up to $200 instant commissions by recommending/sharing with your customers a proven product they will love that is evergreen and revolutionary.

With content marketing taking the lead in driving more traffic and making sales, this plugin will help to amplify your efforts and help to build your list of subscribers on autopilot while making your content go viral.

If you want people to share your content, you have to give them a reason to do so, and sometimes that reason is flat out asking them to share. This easy to set up plugin will simplify the sharing process by cleverly forcing your blog readers to share your content and build an email list at the same time.

Launch starts 10th March 2018 and ends 13th March 2018.

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Why promote this plugin and how is it going to benefit your subscribers?

This is a plugin that is going to change the way your users build their email list through content marketing. With optin rates decreasing daily and traditional landing pages becoming increasingly difficult to convert, this plugin is going to fill that gap.

Also, this plugin is going to make list building easy and simple for your users. It is not only going to solve a major problem of decreasing optin rates, but it will also make their content go viral and double their optin rate while giving them long-term SEO benefits.

It is a product developed from the ground up for our business and some rehearsed plugin from some market places.

It is a product that your subscribers are going to love…

What is so special about Ulimate Content Locker Pro and what does it do?

Ultimate Content Locker Pro plugin is so special in many different ways:

  • Locks content in a smart way that makes users want to share and read the content. It has the option of collecting emails after sharing which makes email list building seamlessly easy.
  • It is easy to set up. It does not require complicated secret pin or ids to be set ups. We have taken away comlicated processes. Also, there is no messing around with short codes. Activation is as easy and simple as setting up and activating a simple plugin
  • It is easily customisable, that means you have the ability to customise the colour of the floating locker to fit your site theme.
  • It is integrated with the most trafficed social networking sites to give you maximun exposure with its viral sharing ability and and also enjoy the immense benefits of powerful social signals.
  • It has inbuilt detail analytics to show you how your various pages get shared across the internet.
  • And many more features....

Sales Funnel

The front end is the main content locking plugin (pro version). This is a plugin that smartly locks your content in a way that readers would want to share to read and after sharing, you can request their email list. Your subscribers also get the basic version as a bonus which does not require switching on an email opt in after sharing. The combination of both will give your subscribers more flexibility and control over the content they lock on their site.

The first OTO 1 is a video locking plugin, a perfect combination for the content locker plugin. While the front-end locks written content, the OTO 1 locks video with social shares, opt in forms, questions, clickable links

The second OTO 2 is a complete marketers toolbox that contains over 16 tutorials that are made by experienced expert marketers in different fields. These video training pack includes: affiliate marketing, banner advertising, bonus page creation, email marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook marketing, JV recruiting, LinkedIn marketing, list building, mobile marketing, pinterest marketing, product creation, product launch, retargeting, twitter ads, twitter marketing YouTube marketing and video marketing. These training videos are top quality training and straight to the point that your subscribers will love and will not want to miss.

The third OTO 3 is a re-seller package of the front end offer and the first OTO1. This will give your subscribers a business they can start immediately without the hassle of product creation. Your subscribers will be able to sell unlimited packages of both plugins with all the sales materials included, giving them a complete business in a box.

The fourth OTO 4 is the flagship profitcanvas (exclusive access), a no-monthly fee page builder. This is a no brainer software that is proven to convert and have all the tools and training that your subscribers need to run an online business.

Who needs Ulimate Content Locker pro

  • Content marketers who want to benefit from their content.
  • Niche bloggers who want to build an email list and make their content go viral.
  • Internet and affiliate marketers who write reviews and wants their reviews to have a viral effect.
  • Anyone who does online marketing and wants to effortlessly build a list of subscribers from their content.

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JV Prices

Affiliates should make equivalent of the JV contest prize in order to win. Winners will be announced on the 13th of March at the end of the launch.

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